Interior project or Design-project?

In fact, what do you call the working process on interior design? At first glance, there is no difference, interior design or design-project, but between these two concepts in our opinion the fundamental difference lies in the approach to the design process to create an interior design.

Increasingly, you can find in brochures: design project at a discount or design project as a gift when ordering construction and installation works. At this point, there is an attitude to design as a whole, not as a kind of history of creating an individual interior, but as a universal and rather abstract product, certainly secondary in the construction process. Design project as a TV or a kettle with a discount or a gift in a home appliance store. I think any professional in the field of design, having the appropriate education and knowledge, understands that this concept combines two completely different processes – design and engineering.

Interior design is the process of working on the project first of all directly with the customer. Interior design is its life story that gets its continuation in the interior elements and complements its inner world, making its living environment more comfortable and pleasant. And this story begins not with the interior design and filling it with all sorts of exotic pieces of furniture, curtains and accessories, but with the organization of space, from the Foundation (frame) in which a person will live. Then this “frame” acquires details, becoming more and more saturated and individual and eventually the space in which a person lives is formed. Interior design is a way from the General to the private and the architect here acts as a guide pointing the way in one direction or another in accordance with what the customer needs.

The design project is a product of the market of construction and finishing works, the main attention here is paid to sale of construction services and finally design (design project) is the tool of sale. As a rule, at the very beginning of the design project the main attention is paid to details, particulars, design. The design project is a set of design methods of interior design, it is always secondary, it is corrected and changed many times during construction, hiding defects and mistakes of builders.

In our opinion, the process of interior design, work on interior design can not be reduced only to the design, here we need a comprehensive approach, which should be attended by both the architect and the customer and start this process from the beginning together, deciding on the direction to the construction process only to adjust the path and not change it radically